Definition of terms

Vehicle: the eBike and/or eScooter that is comprised by the contract

User: the natural person or legal entity renting and riding the Vehicle

JustRent: Commercial name of ZencarZ, the company offering the eBike and eScooter rental 

Please read these conditions carefully as they form part of the contract between you and JustRent. A contract exists once you have submitted your booking, we have confirmed the booking and received payment of your deposit.


Offer and agreement

According to the wishes of the User, JustRent makes an offer. The offer contains (where applicable) the name of the service (eBike and/or eScooter rental), rental period, and price. Furthermore, it states the telephone number of the company, the manner of payment, and the type of insurance.

The contract is established when the User accepts an offer from JustRent.

JustRent will retain ownership of rented Vehicles and accessories at all times.


Price and duration

The User is not allowed to return a rented Vehicle after the date and time stated in the contract.

One day is considered to be 24 hours.

JustRent is not obliged to give any refund for rented Vehicles that are returned before the end of the contractual period.

In case of a late return, each additional hour is charged €8.



When User cancels a Vehicle rental:

  1.   Up until one day before the start of the Vehicle rental, 100% of the price will be refunded.
  2.   Less than one day in advance, 100% of the price will be charged.


Payment & Damage deposit

Payment for the rental needs to be done in advance.

The User agrees to pay upon demand all rates, charges, and surcharges (if applicable), which may apply to the rental, including, without limitation, charges for loss and/or damage to the Vehicle.

A deposit of €149 is required when renting JustRent Vehicle and equipment. This will be taken in the form of an open pre-authorized debit/credit card voucher, which will be destroyed upon return of the equipment in a satisfactory condition.

During the rental, the User is fully responsible for all damage, theft, or loss and agrees to pay for all costs, charges, fees, and expenses up to €400.

In the unfortunate event of a stolen Vehicle, it is in the User’s responsibility to report this to the police. Please provide a copy of the declaration given at the police station to us.

The User consents to and authorizes JustRent to debit the User credit card to cover the cost of any breach by it of this Agreement.


Obligations for the User

The User must treat the Vehicle well and in accordance with its actual purpose.

The User must return the Vehicle to JustRent partner in its original condition. Any changes or additions by or on behalf of the User must be undone.

By renting a Vehicle the User declares to be:

  • In good physical condition, i.e. not suffering from any medical diseases or complaints that influence their riding ability.
  • Able to properly ride a rented Vehicle.
  • Be at least 18 years old.

JustRent and its partners reserve the right to judge the capacities and abilities of a User prior to the use of a Vehicle.

The User must obey all traffic laws and instructions from JustRent and its partner staff.

The User must behave as a good renter/rider, which means he:

  • will only park the Vehicle in Designated Parking Areas.
  • will not use the Vehicle on unpaved roads, through water (beyond normal urban riding), and/or for racing, stunt, or trick riding.
  • will use the Vehicle in compliance with all applicable laws, in particular any road traffic rules.
  • will not rent, lease, sell, resell or otherwise monetize or make commercial use of our Vehicle.
  • will not ride a Defective Vehicle. If a Vehicle becomes defective at any stage during your ride you will cease using it immediately and notify us.
  • will not dismantle, modify, repair, or tamper with any of the Vehicles nor any part of the Vehicles.
  • will not ride a Vehicle carrying a bag or other item if this prevents you or interferes with your ability to ride the Vehicle in a safe way.
  • will not carry cargo in an eBike basket exceeding 5kgs and he will carry such cargo safely for example, by not loading it in a way that interferes with your visibility.
  • Whilst riding a Vehicle, he will not use his mobile phone, portable music player, and/or any other device that may distract or interfere with riding the Vehicle in a safe way.
  • The User may not be covered for head injuries under our insurance policies if he rides without wearing a helmet.
  • The User shall not lend the Vehicle or participate in any kind of sports events or similar situations.


Additional instructions for the User

The User must return the Vehicle in a clean condition. Cleaning costs with a minimum of €10 may be charged.

Each Vehicle is equipped with a lock. The User must never leave the Vehicle unattended unless properly locked. JustRent or partner hotel staff will demonstrate correct use of the locks.

At the start of the rental, the User needs to check the Vehicle and report any possible defects to  JustRent or partner hotel staff. When the defect(s) cannot be repaired instantly, the User is permitted to have a replacement Vehicle or rental fees refund. 

In case any problems with the Vehicle occur, the User needs to 

  • inform JustRent or partner hotel staff as soon as possible 
  • Provide all (requested) information and documents that relate to the event that caused the injury/damage.
  • Not leave the Vehicle behind without properly securing it.
  • Report the event to the local police if needed.


Obligations for JustRent

JustRent provides Vehicles with the statutory and agreed features and accessories, which is clean, well maintained and in technically good condition.

JustRent will inspect the Vehicle for any damage immediately after it is reported.


User’s liability for damage

The User is liable for any damage to JustRent related to the Vehicle rental unless the damage is caused by a violation of the obligations mentioned above (Obligations for JustRent).

The User is liable for actions and omissions of other riders of the Vehicle, even if they didn’t have the User’s permission to use the Vehicle.

The User must respect all rules and regulations. The User uses the bicycle on his own responsibility. If User infringes any French rules or regulations, JustRent can by no means be held liable.

In the event of loss, theft, or damage of the bicycle, JustRent is entitled to charge a (maximum) compensation of:

Theft or damage of the Vehicle: 10% of the purchase price (min. €50 / up to €400)

Loss or damage of accessories; helmet €25, cable lock €40, ring lock €20.

The hourly rate for repairs is €48.



The insurance is included in the rental price and covers theft and all sorts of damage to the Vehicle. However, a deductible of €50 (minimum) remains for the customer in the case of theft or damage.

The amount due in case of damage is based on the costs of repairing the Vehicle.

In case of theft, the decreased financial risk only applies if the user has reported the theft to the police.


Personal data

Personal data of the User will be processed by JustRent according to the French Data Protection Act (RGPD). By processing these data JustRent can carry out the contract, provide Users with the best service and make personalized offers. The User can request inspection or correction of his personal data and file objections. Objections by the User regarding the processing of data for direct mailing will be honored at all times.


Applicable law

The contract is governed by French law.

For cases omitted in these terms and conditions, the parties shall be governed by the applicable French legislation.


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92100 Boulogne-Billancourt