6 utilitarian benefits of long-term car rental.

long-term car rental benefits

Why subscribe to a long-term car rental plan?

In the past couple of decades, tremendous advancements in the area of fleet management, due to the result of tech-driven innovations, have changed people’s perception regarding car ownership. New business models incorporating car renting, car-sharing, carpooling, and ride-sharing are making people consider twice over when it comes to owning a vehicle. 

If you’re growing tired of managing and maintaining your business fleet or you want to get your hands behind the steering of the latest model of your favorite make, choosing to opt for a long-term vehicle rental subscription is the right way to go. Renting vehicles with long-term commitment contracts has extensive benefits for individuals and enterprises alike. 

In this article, we will break down the 6 far-reaching advantages you could gain by renting a vehicle for long-term usage.

Flexible contracts

One of the major advantages of long-term vehicle rental plans is that there are flexible contracts associated with your car hire. You are not stuck with multiple years or even year-long commitments as in the case of car ownership. Post the minimum contract periods, which generally is about 6 months for most of the popular fleet management services, you have the option to extend your contract on a monthly basis.

When it comes to payments, you will be able to plan your budget well in advance on account of simple monthly installments. For business owners, it will provide a huge relief of not having to worry about unused fleet each time an employee leaves or is on time off.

Variety of Vehicles

When you buy a car, old or new, you have to consider a lot of factors such as your budget, your present, and future needs, etc. So, in many cases people end up settling for an option rather than choosing one; the ultimate mental struggle between Need vs Want.

But when it comes to renting a car, the options window gets wide open. Nowadays, rental companies offer a huge variety of fleets to choose from with not many cost variations in models of similar make. So according to your budget, you could be driving a Mini for 6 months followed by a Golf GT for the latter half of the year or whatever might be your taste.

24/7 Support and Guidance

As mentioned in the beginning, innovative tech-driven fleet management solutions are providing people a lot of alternatives to car ownership, their ability to manage your vehicle in regard to its maintenance, contract renewals and extensions, door-to-door delivery, and providing help 24/7.

From your account section, you can easily manage your rented vehicles and get complete analysis for their best use in terms of mileage usage and fuel efficiency. If you’re maintaining a fleet of long-term rental vehicles for your business, you can easily manage the fleet schedule and assign vehicles to employees in a manner to make the best use of them.

Zero Depreciation

In a typical case of a car purchase of any automobile dealership, the moment you withdraw the vehicle, its value starts to depreciate. We all know that the relation between the car’s value and its usage is inversely proportional, which won’t be beneficial to any buyer looking to procure a vehicle only for a year or two, at best.

But when it comes to long-term car rental, you need not worry the least about the value of the car depreciating and let your rental company worry about it. All you get is a fully-featured, ready-to-go vehicle.

Budget Planning

Payments for any long-term car rental involve hassle-free monthly installments for a minimum of 6 months post which you have the option of extending your vehicle contract on a month-by-month basis. So, with little pre-planning, you can easily calculate the amount you’ll be needing for your long-term car rental contract.

If you need additional features or in case of requiring a fleet of vehicles of your business, with fixed monthly installments you can have an estimate of your operating costs so as not to experience irregularities in your finances and balance sheets.

Insurance, Maintenance and Upgrading

The next advantage is what we consider a goodies bag offer for every successful vehicle rental. You get free insurance and maintenance with every successful long-term car rental commitment contract. So, basically, there is no need to worry on any front. To be sure of the contract’s laid-out commitments, consult your car rental dealer and straighten out all the details before getting possession of your vehicle.

Another great offer proposed by long-term car rental companies is the option to upgrade your vehicle from the available ones at no extra cost. This can be done once the minimum period for the contract period is fulfilled from your end.

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